Dodging by 412 Portal


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Types of Dodges
Mesa: Studder Jab Downhill
Mesa: Ear Back Split
Mesa: Downhill MJ Move
Roll Away to Hockey Stop
Hockey Stop to Finalizer GIF
MJ Move at Island
Same Side Split
Bunny Split by Tinney
Double Rocker
1 min
Spilt Back Pedal Redodge
North-South Dodging | POWLAX
Drills with Defenders
Island 1v1's | POWLAX
Short 1v1's | POWLAX
Wind Up 1v1's | POWLAX
Jump Catch and Go - Ryan Brown
2 mins
Rocking Defender to Sleep
1 min
Bounce to Skip Feed
1 min
Fake Shovels
1 min

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