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Seton Hill Coaches Clinic: Upgrade The Number of Touches in Training
Bumper Cars Passing
2 mins
Better Line Drills | POWLAX
Throw Back Line Drills | POWLAX
Circle Dodging | POWLAX
Star and Swing It Passing | POWLAX
Swing It Passing | POWLAX
3 Man Saints Passing | POWLAX
Head Man Passing Box Drill | POWLAX
2 Man Game: Shovel Pass
2 mins
Star Passing | POWLAX
Partner Passing Drill and Techniques to Use | POWLAX
John Carroll Line Drills
John Carroll Line Drills: FULL Routine 10 min video
Individual: Throwbacks
2 mins
Individuals: Shovels
2 mins
Individuals: Bounce, Pass Fake, Face Dodge
2 mins
Individuals: Self GB, Pass Fake, Roll
1 min
Contact Drills
3v0’s 3v2’s and 3v3’s | POWLAX
Live Action Passing
Restraining Line 4v4 Duke Drill | POWLAX
3v2 to 4v3 Lacrosse Drill | POWLAX
Modifications for West Genny | POWLAX
Sideways West Genny Drill | POWLAX
Kamikaze Line Drills
Fake Flips
Show Your Hands Passing
Bunny Split
Same Side Bunny Split
Rocker Step/Look Back Passing
Wind Up to Face Dodge
Bumper Set Up
Full Field Stickwork
Clear Passing | POWLAX
Dragon Clearing
2 mins
Wall Ball Work
Timed Wall Ball
Ep. 1 Warm Up | POWLAX
Ep. 2 Inside Finishing | POWLAX
Ep. 3 Shooting | POWLAX
Ep. 4 Split and Load Shooting | POWLAX
Ep. 5 Behind The Back | POWLAX
Ep. 6 Fine Tuning Your Wind Up | POWLAX
Ep. 7 Wind Up Face Dodge | POWLAX
Ep. 8 Wind Up Spin Move | POWLAX
Ep. 9 Wind Up Hitch Jump Shot | POWLAX
Cone Stickwork
Forward Slalom
1 min
Self GB
1 min
Two Foot Hops Change Hands
1 min
Pass Fakes
1 min
One Hand Flips
2 mins
Two Hand Sidewall Bumps
2 mins
One Hand Side Wall Bump Holding Butt End
1 min
One Hand Side Wall Bump Holding Throat
1 min
GB Toe Drag
2 mins
QB Footwork
1 min
Wind Up Face Dodge
1 min
Wind Up Swim the Poke
1 min
3 Hand Exchange
1 min
1 min
Two Up One Back
1 min
Jab Step to Face Dodge
1 min
Ladder Stickwork
Side Shuffle
1 min
In and Out
2 mins
1 min
Icky Shuffle Change Hands
1 min
Wide Straddle
1 min
Near Straddle
1 min
1 min
1 min
5 Hops to Single Step
1 min
Two Foot Hops, Skip a Rung
1 min

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