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Team Defense Strategy

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Man to Man
Adjacent Slide Basics | POWLAX
Near Man Defense | POWLAX
Crease Slide Basics | POWLAX
Shut Off Looks
Vegas - Double off the Endline
52 - One Man Shut Off
42 - Two Man Shut Off
Zone Defense
Why You Should Consider Zone at HS Level
Wesleyan's Championship Zone Defense | POWLAX
3-3 Zone - Not Covering at X
Backer Zone - Pole as Backer
Back Zone - SSDM as Backer
Back Zone - Shorts Low and Poles High
Match Up Zone Against 222 (Poles on the Outside)
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Match Up Zone Against 141 (Poles on the Outside)
60.6 KB
Speciality Situations
Defending the Hang Up at X | POWLAX

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