Types of Shooting and Shooting Errors by 412 Portal

Types of Shooting and Shooting Errors

What's included?

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Time and Room Leaner
Time and Room Leaner Part Two
Dip and Dunk
Wind Up - Power Inside Roll - Step Back Finish
1 min
Box Shots
Face Dodge Fake
4 Different Times to Use Twister
Low to High Wind Ups
Low to High Wind Ups on Box Net
1 min
Fake Near, Finish Far Pipe
Cross Field Dunks
2 mins
Shooting Problems
Finish Falling Forward Part 1: Time and Room Up Top
1 min
Finish Falling Forwards Part 2: After setting a pick
1 min
Body Fading Upfield out of Rocker
1 min
Shortening Mechanics of FD Fake Finish Far Pipe
2 mins
Over stepping Low to High Wind Up from the Middle of Field
1 min
Balance of Low & High on Low to High Wind Ups
2 mins
Keep Your Eyes on the Net Especially When Shooting Twisters
1 min
Time and Room Twisters Still Require a Leg Drive
1 min
Using a Pass Fake Doesn't Mean We Have to Shoot No Look
1 min
Stop Reaching on Inside Feeds
3 mins

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